Monday, April 25, 2011

A Collection of Wednesdays {Zondervan Blog Tour}

Book Description:  If you were to set aside a part of one day every week to explore all the pieces of who you are, what would you find? For Amy Gaither Hayes, Wednesday mornings have been such a time: a sacred space for her to distill the seemingly disparate bits and pieces of her life into their essence. Then she has set about reconnecting those pieces like beads in a necklace, discovering in the process a unified whole infused with purpose and beauty by her Creator. So it is with us all. In this anthology of Wednesday reflections by Amy, you will discover a new, simpler way of looking at the person you are. Through story, poetry, and song lyrics, A Collection of Wednesdays helps you uncover a Divinely woven order in what appear to be the random components of your life. Calling. Passion. Sand. Rest. Church. Music. Books. Words such as these offer fresh, uplifting glimpses of how your soul is put together. Find out how, and discover new insights into both yourself and the heart and ways of God.

My Review:  Creating a whole from the parts . . . this is how Amy brings A Collection of Wednesdays to us.  Amy, daughter of the well known Gaithers, takes time on Wednesdays to draw closer to God and to gather her thoughts from the previous week.  A time alone to reflect.  
This is not a devotional book, in the sense that Amy gives us a plan, a prayer and a platitude but instead this is a book that lends the reader a sense of spending quality time with the Master.  
My least favorite chapter is entitled Books.  It is a bit long and tedious; however, the chapter entitled Rest quickly drew me in.  Here Amy writes about Mary and Martha relating them to her mother-in-law and how all of us must work but how important work is to daily living.  In this chapter she writes of reading " . . . I  encourage them {people} to be discerning about what they read for their spiritual deepening . . . "  This was a great chapter on leaning on Him and not ourselves!
This book reads smoothly and in somewhat of a story form.  The reader quickly gets a glimpse into Amy's life and her dedication to living for a mighty God.
This handsomely bound hardback book is great for gift giving and makes for a wonderful read to encourage us all in Him.
*This book was provided for review by Zondervan*
About the Author:
Whether working as a speaker, vocal artist, actress, dancer, stage director, writer, teacher or storyteller, Amy Gaither-Hayes is driven by the notion that art aimed at the heart can transfigure the souls of men and women. As one who thanks God for the leaping greenly spirits of the trees and a blue true dream of sky, Amy Hayes says yes to His amazing days and the chance to share the story of those amazing days with others.
The writing room and the reading room are two of the most treasured spaces in the Hayes home today. In fact, Amy believes that clues about the heart of a homeowner can be found in their bookshelves. Favorite reads in Amy's collection include books by Robert Benson, Susan Howatch, John Irving, Madeleine L'Engle and, on a somewhat higher shelf, the many works of William Shakespeare.
Today Amy and her husband Andrew - along with their three children - live in rural Indiana where Amy teaches Acting at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN.

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